Sunday, July 16, 2006

One design, two quilts

0607 one design, two quilts
Originally uploaded by rooruu.

On the right, my original design, Song of the Village, made using Old Sturbridge Village fabrics by Judie Rothermel/Marcus Bros.

On the left, a friend's version of the design, made for her aunt's 90th birthday.

I may have designed dozens of quilts, but it's still a huge buzz to see one made by someone else, particularly a friend selecting it because it appealed to her (not from sympathy!). It's also great to see how it works with different fabrics and a change in the light/dark of the star block's corners. It works!

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Lexie said...

Have you ever done a quilt for a blog reader before? I've always loved quilts and have not one bone in my body that can sew. Your blog is on my "favorites", I read every few weeks. You can check me out at That is my daughter, Lexie, I'm Kim (I'm in a few pix AKA Mamma).