Saturday, July 15, 2006

Cotswolds bag

0607 Cotswolds bag
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A Recycled Threads bag, combining a souvenir tablecloth of the Cotswolds, a pair of green corduroy jeans and a tapestry (or needlepoint) of what could well be a Cotswolds view (it reminded me of the village of Upper Slaughter).

It was a jigsaw exercise, fitting it together, an exercise in ingenuity, imagination and the belief that it should and could work....

It's a casual weekend-away sort of size - vaguely carpetbaggy! Definitely rustic. I rather like that it combines natural fibres as it does: wool (tapestry) and linen (tablecloth) and cotton (corduroy).
Cotswolds bag mosaic

The mosaic shows various details - the individual photos on Flickr have more information. The tablecloth had a centre map, surrounded by district images - this border became the side gussets and picture row below the map. The outer green stripe border of the tablecloth became the handles. The ubiquitous 'green' supermarket bags led me to try the 'covered seam' approach, due to the bulk of the seams. There are magnetic clasps below each handle.

The photoset is on Flickr here.

A whiplash entry (tutorial).


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Cathy Richards said...

Hi Ruth
I am just looking at your blog (sounds quite horrid doesn't it) after reading the latest Aussie Threads. I was so glad to see these extra photos of your Cotswolds bag. I wanted to see the side where you used the tablecloth and now I can!!
I have enjoyed blogging. Thanks for the great article in Threads.
Happy stitching
Cathy Richards