Thursday, March 06, 2008

100 Word Stories: Tricksy numbers

Two husbands (ex), one current (aka darling boy).

Five children. Two mine, two step, and Bellybump.

One mother, three mothers-in-law (an inelegant oversufficiency).

Five fathers/fathers-in-law. Don’t ask. Too complicated.

Assorted siblings. Assorted sibling partners. Assorted food allergies/preferences/fussinesses (vegan, darling, but we make an exception for cow’s milk and fish. I refuse to enquire further).
All Rabbit’s friends and relations (ie. the rest of the family).

Darling boy’s work commitments. Darling children’s comings and goings to be managed with military precision. Bellybump’s morning contribution to my health and welfare (Still queasy? says current MIL in That Tone).

Two words: Family Christmas.

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