Sunday, March 02, 2008

Scissors and silver jug

0803 scissors and silver jug
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Vintage silverplate seems to be among the less expensive collectables around at the moment. Maybe people are put off by the polishing? Which doesn't have to be demanding.

I'm rather enamoured of its possibilities for storage/display. For my rotary cutter and sewing scissors - the care-less dressmaking ones (that can cut wadding as well as fabric, but not paper), the best-fabric ones (no wadding for these) and the pinking shears, you need a container with enough heft not to fall over. For example, a delightful vintage silver water jug, like this one. Not breakable, like china, and heavier than some other choices might be.

And elegantly beautiful, vintage, a grace note, not just storage. My kind of 'stuff'. (nod to William Morris: I know it's useful, and believe it to be beautiful - it ticks the boxes).

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Liz said...

There is something about silver, isn't there. I think I love how deep it seems to be - like the whole world is hiding in the reflection.