Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter eggs

0803 Easter eggs
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I do rather like the pastel 'bird's egg' sort. Very pretty, in a glass bowl on a little quilt. For as long as they last...

It's good, at Easter, to have time to listen to family stories. What is interesting the little kids (medieval times and dressing up; and another one and I played on the computer with a paint program, vandalising/undoing on a picture of her, seeing what all the buttons did No, I don't want to be blue!), how the older kids are going (one is reading vampire fiction - suggestions welcome beyond Anne Rice, the Day Watch series, Robin McKinley's Sunshine, and please, no vampire romance), asking the grandparents for stories of their childhood (we asked them about their 21st birthdays: she had had a dinner party for twenty at a hotel, including a dance and some nice boys from the university, the thought of whom still brought a grin to her face; he had been in the air force, during WW2, so there might just have been a beer or two to celebrate, but nothing else).

They're like Easter eggs, in a way - things to discover, unwrap, savour. Where the family's been, where it is, where it might go.

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candyschultz said...

The Society of S by Susan Hubbard is a different kind of vampire story. I loved it. It is about a young girl coming of age and realizing she is a vampire.