Saturday, March 29, 2008

Florence Broadhurst

0803 Florence Broadhurst
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Part of the Florence Broadhurst display in the Design exhibit at the Powerhouse Museum. While some of her designs were wildly mod/modern, others have common ground with the toile and nature-inspired organic shapes of fabric such as that on the antique shoes from yesterday. Separated as they are by two centuries...

I've blogged about Florence Broadhurst before, and provided a bunch of links then, so if you're interested search my blog and you'll find that info.

As you can probably tell by now (and I haven't blogged or Flickr-loaded anywhere near all the photos I took) the Design exhibit at the Powerhouse Museum is definitely worth looking, and will occupy a significant and happy amount of time and attention. But if you can't see it in person, here's another way.

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