Tuesday, March 11, 2008

...the splendour falls...

0803 stained glass shadow
Originally uploaded by rooruu.
One of those moments when you think, if I didn't have a blog and/or digital camera, which make me attentive and free to be photographically profligate, would I have noticed or caught this?

And who knows. Because I do, and I did, and it was an evocative conjunction of humble boards and colour-stained sunlight.

Which I caught on the weekend. Today? Running around all day like a mad thing, similar to so many other days at work. Fizz and run and hope that it's all holding together, trying to focus enough on one thing to be able to say at day's end, that's done, amid a zillion other things that you flit and answer to and help with and flit onwards. Although I did manage to eat lunch in one sitting today, not four...(that was yesterday).

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