Saturday, March 01, 2008

Waiting room

0803 waiting room
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The dentist and I are currently on first name terms (although it's hardly surprising, in this day and age) and she's going to have a lovely holiday, I hope, on the proceeds...

This particular practice has the cows (for which I can offer no explanation, as the immediate connection between cows and teeth eludes me, except that they clearly do have teeth) and also the very smart idea of a small library. Not just magazines, but some browsing books, if gossip or cars or National Geographic isn't what you want to distract yourself with.


Lindi said...

Cows give milk - milk is good for teeth?

Pennie & David said...

Andrew (my Dentist) has the same cows, I asked and was told they were a promotion of some company! Not a very good promotion are they when even Sue (receptionist) doesn't know what company.