Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Vale Anthony Minghella

  • the touching, funny, grounded happiness and sadness of Truly Madly Deeply: the scene where her piano is joined by his cello, and he returns; and then when he asks her to translate the poem. The rats. All the sentiment that's skipped in favour of more authentic emotions.
  • The clear and difficult and intricate and simple and not simple, and so beautifully acted work in The English Patient - the script, the direction, all that it gives your eyes and your heart.
  • The shining, poisonous human interplay of The Talented Mr Ripley, Seymour Hoffman and Law and Paltrow and Blanchett and Damon.
  • The restrained and desperate yearning of Cold Mountain, another picture of landscape and actors working to leave room for the audience to think - another one for eyes and heart.


Anthony Minghella

January 1954-March 2008.

Thank you.

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qusic said...

you are right, we will miss him and his talent of touching heart and soul. I didn't realise that he is the director of some of my favourite films ( Cold Mountains, The English Patient better be watched alone because of weepy moments).Thank you for your kind reminder.