Thursday, March 27, 2008

Antique fan

0803 antique fan
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Eighteenth century, I think. From the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney. Wouldn't it be lovely, on a hot day, to be using a jewel like this? (I tend more to the nearest bit of A4 paper, which lags considerably in the style stakes....). There are so many ways to ornament your life, though, now as then. Choices, from little stuff like your coffee cup (or coffee) to larger stuff like how to spend a weekend, or with whom, or how to arrange/rearrange your house.

If you have a thing for fans, the Powerhouse Museum website has lots of its collection in images available online. (But I'm too tired to hunt out the link - I figure, if you're interested, you're just as good at googling as me, if not better...)

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The Shopping Sherpa said...

I have a lovely raw silk fan with black wooden edges which I bought in Bali. Unfortunately it wasn't til I got home and checked my credit card statement that I realised it was ten times the price I'd thought it was. Oops... :-}