Monday, March 24, 2008

Bridge and stonework

0803 bridge and stonework
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Did the virtuous 7km walk by the river this morning - went a bit farther than we sometimes do, to see the view from the other side of this bridge. Between this one and the Harbour Bridge (although I don't know if they were being built at the same time) you could have made money on rivet manufacture...

We admired the brickwork, too the rising concentric circles. Maybe it's structural, but it's pleasing to the eye, too.

It's a popular path - you pass people of all ages, old, young, fit, less fit, friends and families, people on bicycles and on foot. One family was sitting on rocks at the river's edge, Mum holding the baby (maybe a year old?) on her lap, the little girl next to her clutching the remote control while Dad fished out the model boat for another try - they said it had been his when he was a boy. Looked like they were having a lovely morning in the sunshine, making memories of family time. As we walked on, the boat zoomed out towards the centre of the river, and there was a happy grin on the face of each family member.

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