Friday, March 14, 2008

Tiwi work

0803 Tiwi work
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Screenprinted on cotton, this was made by Tiwi people from Bathurst Island, based on a bark painting. It's another piece from the design section of the Powerhouse Museum.

Its regularities and irregularities remind me of Gee's Bend quiltmaking. Between these two cultural ways of seeing, I'd like to find for myself a way of graphically representing ideas, as they do. It's a journey; recognising that is one of the steps, and not rushing it, but letting your mind stay open and thoughtful.

I didn't stop for photos on the way home this afternoon. I could have caught, for you, the reflection of eucalyptus trees in a pond. Or cattle, their shapes outlined in the calm golden light of late afternoon, with the mountains turning blue behind them. Maybe next week. Sometimes, I do stop. Sometimes, I just want to get home. Busy weekend, lots of quilt deadlines crowding in.

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