Friday, March 21, 2008

Skulduggery Pleasant: Playing with Fire

0803 Skulduggery Pleasant book 2

How to make a nevvy very happy for Easter. Without mention of any chocolate.
  1. Know that he's hanging out to read the second Skulduggery Pleasant book
  2. Buy said book within hours of it being unpacked by lovely bookshop that phoned you to say it was in (and early)
  3. Phone nevvy so he can anticipate parcel
  4. Use an Express Post envelope to ensure next day and before-Easter delivery
  5. Remember how he's one of those kids who vanishes into a book, and remains utterly absorbed (and deaf to riot or revolution), and enjoy knowing that.

Skulduggery Pleasant: Playing with Fire, by Derek Landy. I'm looking forward to reading it too.

PS Flickr is driving me nuts as any 'blog this photo' I've done for the last couple of days has resulted in no photo, no text, only a title with no entry. So I've had to do these last few entries the long way. I've been 'blog this photo'-ing for yonks, and am not doing anything differently from what normally works...if you have any answers, please let me know!


Pennie & David said...

Flickr had a bit of a hissy fit for me one night last week but it's been fine the last few days. I pay though, $25 per year.

rooruu said...

Thank you, Pennie. Over at the help forums at Flickr I finally found mention of a glitch with Blogger under an issue discussion about a glitch with ?Wordpress. Which they claim to have fixed. I haven't tried yet...

Yup, I pay for Pro, too.