Wednesday, March 26, 2008


0803 hay
Originally uploaded by rooruu.
I'm sure there's an absolute farming logic to how hay bales are scattered in the field; but to my untrained eye, it's pleasingly random. My untrained eye liked the colours and shapes here, too; the spiral of the bale, the lush green and quiet straw, with darker green behind and a milky blue sky. It's all colour inspiration!


Liz said...

I love the smell of a freshly cut hay field.

aykayem said...

If they could bottle that smell into a perfume/etc the person with the patent to the idea could make a fortune!
btw, I think the hay baling machine just rolls the hay up as it drives along gathering it up ... then when the bale gets to a certain size it gets dropped wherever the machine happens to be, so it can start a new one.
(at least that is how the older sort used to work - the ones that made the small rectangular bales we used to have on the farms I lived on as a kid - the machine gathered up the hay at the front and spat the bales out the back as it went along ... then someone had to pick all the bales up and throw them on the truck!)