Sunday, April 27, 2008

Brussels sprouts

0804 brussels sprouts
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It's winter.

And the world is divided into those who will eat brussels sprouts, and those who WILL NOT (they're usually emphatic).

Buy the tender little ones. Don't overboil them. Combine them with a sweet contrasting flavour, like carrots, or a complementary sauce (maybe a cheesy white sauce) with something like bacon, to balance them.


Liz said...

I love them fresh with lots and lots of butter. (Which kind of ruins how good they are for you, but oh well...)

crankydee said...

I do not like these vegetables but they remind me of another poor vegetable given a bad rap (i.e. overcooking) chokos. A green vegetable grown here in Australia - people wait until they are big and old before they pick them - yuck - but young and tender you would not think they were the same vegetable. yum.