Monday, April 21, 2008

The price of petrol

The petrol tank (gas tank) of the car was almost empty, and this is how much it cost to fill...

It's the first time it's cost over $50 for a tank of petrol for a medium-sized 4 cylinder car.

In July 2006 I thought prices were high, and blogged it here:
and that time it was $45 to fill. Prices went down after that, but they're back up. Cheap day of the week petrol here has been around $1.34/litre for the green Vortex one (which is usually about 7c/litre more expensive than plain unleaded, but which goes a bit further).

$51 Australian is about 47.50 in US dollars , or 23 UK pounds.

31 litres is 8.2 US gallons

This fuel cost approx, in US dollars, $5.79c/gallon, or in UK pounds, 75p a litre. How does that compare with petrol for you?

It was amazing that the moment barrel prices went up on the world market, this was reflected at our pumps, even if that fuel hadn't made it to Australia yet.

Now to wait for the flow-on effect on prices for goods, since so much is transported by road.

Still, cars are very handy. I drove to visit a design wall I could use to lay out those chain pieced blocks from the other day. It would have been way too far to walk, and it was my reward for working virtuously for much of the day (when I didn't have to!).

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