Sunday, April 06, 2008

Kiva update

Have you made any loans through Kiva? I have two in progress at present, and the scheduled repayments are coming through. When the loan periods are complete, I'll have my money back, and will lend it again.

Here are my two loans, if you'd like to look and see how it all works. If you scroll down past the lenders you'll see the info on the microfinance organisation, and scheduled repayments etc.

Just reading the stories of people as you choose your next loan is an education in how the third world works, and how people's lives are lived there. Fascinating. Learn more about Kiva here. Minimum loan amount is $US25, which is not a lot, and you know that your loan (not donation, so the money can go around and around and be useful many times over) is helping specific people.

There are Kiva gift certificates, if you want a present for someone who has everything...

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Liz said...

We have made a loan too. It amazes me how a mere $25.00 can make such a big difference.