Monday, April 07, 2008

Merry-go-round horses

0803 merry-go-round horses
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The working week started with a gallop, with all the minutiae of the day to day, a multitude of small tasks compiling into the pattern of a working life. When there is room to be creative, imaginative, helpful to others, it is satisfying, and the day goes quickly.

Tonight, I need to work on handquilting a project. Me. Handquilting. I must be nuts. Certifiable. Well, not certifiable, but certainly not a regular handquilter. It's not a huge project, so it's doable. And this is what it wanted...Do the Quilting Rules say you can't use embroidery thread? you must have even stitches? Piffle! Be off with you, Quilt Police!

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Liz said...

Ignore the quilt police. Just do it how you'd like to. It is *your* quilt! You should enjoy your time working on it instead of worrying about it.