Sunday, April 13, 2008


Da planes is flying very slow from The US of A, at least from the Amazon warehouse. I note from a recent order that they will be taking up to a FORTNIGHT to pack the order, and then estimate shipping to take around 4 weeks; or more. (Note: everything was listed as being In Stock, so the packing delay isn't due to stock being unavailable). Does somebody need a better map to your warehouse?

Um, they put a parcel on a plane, and it arrives here in Oz, and the Oz postal system generally takes less than five working days to get a parcel from anywhere in this whole big big country to anywhere else in the country (which is still one big sucker of an island continent). If Australia Post can do it, in a country less populated and bigger than yours...

Sea mail from the US is no more, so why is supposed air transit (and I've flown this journey, it's a shorter one than to the UK, about 17 hours from the West Coast vs. 24 hours+ to London) taking so long? Is the US Mail, or whatever courier/logistics/mail system they're using, populated by Amazonian mules, and it only finds a plane when the mules totter into the international airport?

I ordered something from Barnes and Noble, and while their shipping is a few dollars more (per shipment and per item), they had it packed and shipped within about 48 hours tops, and estimate delivery at 7-21 working days.

This is an apples with apples comparison, by the way: standard international shipping. I know I could pay more for faster, but is this an Amazonian ploy to make us pay more?

Dear Amazon: I love that I can buy from you things that are harder to find here, (and that the exchange rate is rather nice at present) but why is your shipping so slooooow? Can you bung that biplane back in the Smithsonian, and have a chat to Boeing about their latest models? Please? And put the mules in a nice paddock, and find some biofuelled trucks? And repay the appreciation of your international customers with better service as regards shipping?

(it's been interesting to order things through Amazon marketplace sellers, and have them generally arrive pretty quickly, also by airmail. Ask them about the planes they're using. And I've had things from other US online retailers arrive by Global Priority within a week, so clearly there ARE faster planes out there than the ones you're using....)


candyschultz said...

It is probably due to the problems with our aviation infrastructure lately. American had to cancel tons of flights and that will fan out across the country and everything will backup. Sorry about that. If we had some leadership over here these things would be taken care of.

Amazon UK doesn't have these problems.

Liz said...

I too am currently anxiously awaiting a package that is long over due. Frustrating, isn't it!

rooruu said...

Liz, I understand the frustration. Esp. if it means that after a company has dragged their heels, Australian Customs has identified your parcel as needing attention. (I had a quilt fabric one slowed once, I don't think Customs understood that several yards of fabric represented un-noteworthy hobbyist insanity, not commercial intent!)

Candy, thank you, that's useful to know: but why the dickens can't Amazon give some indication of this, rather than appearing to be just dandy on zippyfast shipping if you're in the US, and needing to rebuild the Kon-Tiki before sending anything outside North America???? (Besides, one item in the parcel is the vampire book you recommended/reminded me of, and I wanna wanna read it!!!)
And even if there are icky problems with da planes, why does it take fortnight to pack and prepare for shipping to an overseas destination?

Isabelle said...

Oh I see. A grass farm is where they grow what we'd call turf. I was imagining grass for... cows or something. (But then there are fields for cows...).

I now wonder what we'd call a place where they grow turf. I don't think I've ever heard it named.

Thank you for the explanation.

rooruu said...

Isabelle, my brain has just got in gear and remembered that I should have said turf farm...that is what they are called. I just had a blank moment and fudged (darn, those teachers are sharp! she grins).

Anonymous said...

I was about to comment on the very same thing - my most recent Amazon order isn't "due" to arrive here til MAY. MAY!!! I wondered if it was perhaps part of their Olympics swim training, that athletes were going to SWIM the books over?!

candyschultz said...

Well you know Rooru Amazon, like every other company, has gotten too big. Service drops when that happens.

Which vampire book?

Quiltycat said...

Boeing is always happy to talk to anyone who has the $$$ to buy their very nice planes!
Says she who "knows" someone ....