Friday, April 11, 2008


0804 house on a grass farm
Originally uploaded by rooruu.
A grass farm, early on a grey morning, with the sprinklers going full bore. I've photographed this house before - it seems to be being allowed to decay, and yet it has the TV aerial which implies a habitation. Such classic vintage lines it has - the roof, the verandah.


Isabelle said...

I wonder what a grass farm is.

I quite agree about the Stupids. Good grief. Might as well just have walls.

rooruu said...

A grass farm is a farm where they grow grass - when it's at the right height, it's cut and rolled and home gardeners (or landscapers) buy it (from nurseries) to lay as lawns. That paddock area regularly goes from lush green to bare earth as each crop is grown/harvested/a new crop sown.