Saturday, April 19, 2008


0804 girl in the meadow.
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Isn't this watercolour print charming? Reminds me of pictures from my childhood (although it might be a bit earlier last century...). It was in an op shop (thrift shop). Do you think I should have bought it? It wasn't vastly expensive, but I dithered and put it back...

A lady nearby said, "It's a great picture of a chicken, I love chicken things," and I thought, gee, I didn't even particularly register the chicken, certainly not from the point of view of seeing it as the major part of the picture...ah, our different ways of seeing.

Any clues about artist etc? I'd love to know. Should I have put it back or taken it home??? (I left the op shop without it). The frame's not great (and seemed original, judging by the back, which I didn't photograph). But that rosy-apple-cheeked little girl...

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candyschultz said...

As for whether you should have bought it or not, I think the fact that you didn't is your answer. Things we just can't live without we usually find a way to have.

As far as the chicken, I didn't register it at all. I have a thing for quilts however. If I am watching a film or looking at a book or a magazine with a quilt in it - that is what registers before anything else. My husband is used to watching films with me and my going 'oooh look at that quilt'.