Friday, April 18, 2008

Reading: People of the Book

0804 book: People of the Book
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I read, and loved, Year of Wonders - and have lent it to others, who also enjoyed it. March, her different-angle take on the Alcotts (the one for which she won the Pulitzer), is somewhere in the house, I think it needs to be given a slab of time to get me going and get me in. But I've started this one, her latest, and Geraldine Brooks' prose is so engaging. I want to give this one a slab of time, too.

(I've been doing more dreaming of reading, and writing about reading, than reading itself, this week - and more quilting than anything else, some for magazines and today, something that's just for me. It's so good to play without having to stay aware of explaining a technique or skill, but just play and design as you go, be in that good creative process.)

Tomorrow there's an adventure planned, should be fun...


Jill said...

I really enjoy Geraldine Brooks's writing - loved "Year of Wonders", not so keen on "March" (took me ages to get through) and loved "People of the Book" too. I had much earlier read "Nine Parts of Desire" which is up there with the other two I loved. I think "Year of Wonders" will remain the favourite. I've just finished Helen Garner's "The Spare Room" - more beautiful writing. My 17 yr old said recently of "Pride and Prejudice" - "every word just seems to be the right one in the right place" - I was so pleased that she got that, even though she hates being told how like me she is!
Happy reading!

rooruu said...

Ah, so the difficulties of getting into "March" aren't just mine (and yet that one won the Pulitzer, so I'm not sure what it says about me that it was harder and "Year of Wonders" not at all...!

Yes, P&P remains such a pleasure. In an entirely different sphere, "The Shawshank Redemption" is a film where everything has a purpose and a place and it all fits together with immense precision - so well done.