Thursday, April 17, 2008

Today was a good day because....

  • I made a small quilt from scraps and my own design, which mutated as I sewed and pondered, and the final result worked rather nicely
  • I had a lovely lunch seasoned with quilting conversation
  • I got to talk quilting more with other aficionados, and saw some lovely magazines, and planned an op shop tour in new territories...
  • Ikea still had the curtains I couldn't get out of my mind.... I hope they don't disappear with the next catalogue
  • Angus and Robertson had a couple of promising books at 75% off - a Watership Downish but they're magpies story, and Chic Modern (inspiring photos of modern home design ideas)
  • While helping with some advice about a quilt guild newsletter, I got to have yet more quilting conversation and see a spectacularly graphic antique quilt
  • The art supply shop had some pencils which might work for another quilt idea I have, and I found three different possibilities for stabilising/lightly padding the fabric
  • eBay provided me with a couple of winter wardrobe ideas and a sweet (and not bank-breakingly expensive) vintage quilt which might become a Recycled Threads idea
  • While driving about on all these adventures, I listened to my still-favourite audiobook, The Time Traveler's Wife (yes, I know, I've listened to it more than once, but the other ones aren't here yet...). William Hope and Laurel Lefkow, I kowtow and bow in obeisance and admiration for your work on this - just marvellous.

It's too dark for decent non-flash photography, so maybe I'll illustrate this tomorrow. Hope you all had a good day too!

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amy said...

Love the curtains. I had those in my hot little hands just the other day. I put them back...for now, but they are wonderful. I opted for a fun piece of fabric to cut up instead.