Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Op shopping

0804 op shop thrifted finds
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Some finds from Saturday's op shopping/thrifting expedition. Background is a tapestry cushion cover ($2) that will probably become a bag - it's nice quality. Several reels of Gutermann thread for $1 each (for applique), and bags of buttons/threads for up to $2 each.

Particularly happy with the vintage green cotton ricrac (60c I think), the little silver jug (I already have one for pens etc, they're good and solid - this one was $3) and the little artist's figure ($2). Not sure what I'll do with the latter, but I've got an idea or two. New green bead necklace $4. Not bad going for an investment of $25 or so.

The traffic goes the other way too - the Salvos van came by this morning and collected a bunch of stuff. I happened to be going by their local store later in the afternoon and took a quick look. It was startling to see, already on the floor and for sale, stuff they'd only picked up that morning. That's fast! And no, I didn't buy anything back. I wasn't checking for it either - hadn't occurred to me to do so - I was after something else.

My sandpaper board has vanished, and I need to write on some fabric. The Salvos yielded a wooden teapot stand with a flat back (I was looking for a wooden chopping board or similar) and Big W (Walmartish store) some sandpaper, so a bit of glueing, set overnight, will give me another sandpaper board. Otherwise I would have checked the local hardware store that does, sometimes, have cheap/free offcuts. But the teapot stand was only a dollar or two.

(Sandpaper board: if you haven't come across one of these. If you want to write on fabric with a Pigma pen or other fine pen, a sandpaper board will hold the fabric stlil and prevent pulling. You can buy them made, but fine sandpaper glued to a board backing does the trick.)

The biggest luck-out at an op shop today was an unplanned buy that just shows the value you can find. A quality Australian brand coat/jacket (peacoat length?), for a mere $10. 70% wool, poly, cashmere (feels lovely) in useful black, well made, classic style and a great fit in great condition. I got it drycleaned, just to spruce it, and one button needs resewing (it's not gone, just almost off). It seems barely worn - the sleeve label is still sewn on, and there are no signs of wear. In this climate, a coat isn't necessarily an everyday wear thing in winter (I don't stand around on chilly train platforms much), but it's going to be handy. It's warm and comfortable, and a Find! (Certainly I know other op shops which would have had a much higher price on it).


Taphophile said...

Nice haul. Particularly like the green beads and the coat sounds like it's a winner. :)

Quiltycat said...

Like the jug!
Had a smile re your comment about the coat not being an everyday wear thing in your part of Australia....what a contrast to my life and I was ONLY thinking this week, I need to get a new coat for the winter.
Well done! C

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Great haul - but the coat with sleeve tag still attached comment reminds me of one of my neverending burning questions: Why do people not remove these (or the stickers from glasses or the little dangling leather "100% leather" tags from handbags?)