Thursday, January 15, 2009

100 Word Stories: Birthday surprise

On Wednesday, the bride doll was gone. Mellie pressed her nose to the shop window, gulping a tear.

She looked everywhere. Mam chased her away from the airing cupboard, and that half-forgotten cupboard under the stairs.

“Leave it, Mellie. Stop sticky-beaking.”

But her birthday was on Friday, and they’d had baked beans for tea three times this week. Da came home late and tired, and Mam had been working extra shifts.

The birthday parcel was too small. Mellie tried to smile. Inside was a different doll, with clothes she knew her Mam had sewn, clothes like Mellie’s. A new friend.


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Isabelle said...

Oh, bless her...

I've not been able to read many blogs in the past week or two and now I find a feast on yours! What wonderful words and pictures. How I want to visit Australia! But I don't know if I'll ever be able to. So meanwhile, thank you so much for my virtual tour.

Edinburgh isn't really known for its parrots. Castle, yes. Old buildings. Parks. Wind. Rain. Seagulls. Do come and visit if you ever return!

As for quilting... I really don't have time. At least I don't have time to start, with the slow beginnings and (doubtless) many mistakes. If I already had the skills I might have time to do bits and pieces here and there. But now - too much working, gardening, looking after my mother and... oh dear yes... blogging. How on earth does anyone do both quilting and blogging? At least if they work too.

Anyway, at least I love looking at the pictures. So far.