Sunday, January 04, 2009

Eight is enough. Holiday reading!

Eight quilts.  Well, quilt tops.  A basketful!  The two scrap tops I've been writing about, another little bright happy one I, um, assembled the other day because, well, just because - oh, and not a scrap of fabric was bought new, instead I cut up some lovely fabric I bought a while ago; the one I made yesterday (the cricket was on, OK?  Third Test, Australia vs. South Africa, and this means radio cricket commentary and that's just EXCELLENT to quilt by!) from some fabric and idea that had been percolating for a while (more shopping from the stash!); and, oh well, a couple (OK, four) others from the last while which it would be good to get quilted and done.
My poor Bernina sewing machine is begging for a break.  So eight is enough, at least for the next few days, when other things are on the holiday agenda.
Isabelle, you really should take up quilting.  Before you retire, so you can enjoy it sooner.  And no, it doesn't pay the bills here, but gosh it's fun! (Creates the bills, more like, the muttering says) (Phooey to that!).
For a change of pace, here's the current holiday reading list:
The story of Edgar Sawtelle (Wroblewski)
The good thief (Tinti)
Comfort food (Jacobs - same author as the Friday Night Knitting Club)
The book thief (Zusak)
Graceling (Cashore)
The household guide to dying (Adelaide)
I'm halfway through American wife (Sittenfeld)
I do have Morton's The shifting fog, but The forgotten garden left me a bit cold and feeling manipulated, so it's slipped down the list a bit.  I know lots of people liked TFG, but it just didn't do it for me.
Lots of possibilities in the next few days (and the absolute conviction that this evening's visit will mean that my dear mama will beat me at Scrabble.  She always does!).
Happy holidays!
(Excuse the extra full stops.  Blogger seems to have decided that it doesn't believe in spaces between paragraphs, bless it.)


meghs said...

Hi Ruth,
Delighted to hear that you had a wonderful family Christmas - ours was also. Nothing fancy, just a fun and happy day.
Had to agree with you regarding The Forgotten Garden. Started it eagerly but I was disappointed. It didn't work for me, jarred and the whole story line didn't jel. Tried The Shifting Fog but felt likewise - guess I just don't click with the author. That's life, plenty of other marvellous books to read! All the very best for 2009,
cheers Meg

Anonymous said...

Hi Ruth,
I was happy to discover you in a recent copy of APQ. I was intrigued by your house/beach hut quilt. There is writing along the bottom of the blocks, I'm curious as to what types of things are written there...

Trish Miller
Nashville, Tennessee

rooruu said...

@ meghs: ah, so I'm not alone on the Morton question. Hmm. Makes me feel more dubious about The Shifting Fog. I usually try to finish what I begin to read, but maybe I'll give myself a free pass to close the covers on that one if it's not working.

@ Trish: it's a kind of diary, on that quilt. What sharp eyes!