Monday, January 19, 2009

100 Word Stories: An invitation with three conditions

Green.  She hadn’t worn green in fifty years.  Not since…
The invitation seemed ridiculously expensive to her, professionally printed, and for an eighteenth birthday.  Suzannah had always been daft about her girl Chloe-Anne.  And why on earth, wear green, bring flowers and a plate with at least one green food.
Green.  Ken had said he loved her, loved the green dress.  That night, the earth had rumbled her from sleep and in the early light of morning the news had come of those miners who wouldn’t return.
Fifty years.  Was it time, now to try wearing green?  Just this once?


Lynda said...

Green. My Nanna always told Mum green brought bad luck. Mum was wearing green the day Dad died - she burned the dress. Hasn't worn green since.

This 100 word story so tugged at my heart - it was posted 2 days after the 15th anniversary.

rooruu said...

Lynda, I don't know how to respond. I'd forgotten about green being an unlucky colour. Thank you for such a heartfelt reaction to my fiction.