Saturday, January 24, 2009

100 Word Stories: a tale about a tail

It’s a steady thump, a heartbeat. Maybe muffled by the living room carpet, Dane’s body glued to his latest computer game but carefully not moving his chair so he doesn’t run over the dog. Maybe louder on the kitchen’s wooden floor as I race around making dinner and accidentally on purpose dropping bacon scraps. A damp nose pushed into your hand, a warm, heavy weight on your feet in winter.

Or it was. Dane looks up, abandoning his screen for long enough to ask, “When will he be back?” and wait for an answer.

“Tuesday,” I say, missing Dogger too.



Isabelle said...

Good story as usual. You excel at the succinct.

That sounds very hot, by the way. Argh. Here it's sunny but cold; ice on the bird bath this morning.

Is that really you in the picture? That's not at all how I imagined you! (I suppose it would have been spooky if I'd imagined you and you'd turned out to be just as I thought...)

rooruu said...

Thank you, Isabelle - high praise, coming from you!

It is very hot. But a tad cooler today, thanks be.

Yup, that is a pic of me. But heavily moderated by the format, so maybe you've still imagined right. Or maybe not. Dunno!