Thursday, January 01, 2009

Quiltlet: F is for Fassifern

This is the sixth quiltlet in the series I'm making for Australian Patchwork & Quilting magazine. Fassifern is in volume 17 no 5.

Although this has an oriental feel to it, what I enjoyed was putting together fabrics that weren't all distinctly oriental - some, for example, are nineteenth century repro fabrics - and yet creating that effect. The black circular designs were from a Lakehouse fabric.

There didn't seem to be many if any placenames of Aboriginal origin that began with F, so I reverted to an interesting word which turned out to have Scottish heritage.

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Quiltycat said...

The name of this quitlet jumped off the pages at me. Much of my earlier life was spent in a town not far from the Fassifern Valley and I actually worked in one of the small towns in the valley. Thanks for the trip back to another era. Fassifern is a beautiful word and the valley is a peaceful yet productive area of SE Qld. C