Friday, January 23, 2009

Hamish Macbeth

0901 Hamish Macbeth
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Ah, it's been hot these last couple of weeks. Hot hot hot. The weather, for starters. Days of 35degC+ (hovering around and exceeding 100degF some days). Sure, the washing dries almost as you peg it out, but there have been no proper cool changes, with thunderstorms and rain and southerly busters, to relieve the temperature, and the grass and greenery is browning off almost as you look at it - crunchy lawn underfoot, anyone? If you don't have airconditioning in your house, you're heavily tempted to go out (cinema, for instance, or to higher altitudes) in search of a cooler place. Sleep isn't restful as you toss and turn, unable to cool down. The forecast says we have several more days of this to endure. Endure is the word for it. Me, I'm a spring and autumn girl, for the climate around here.

On to other meanings of hot...I won't explain*, except to say that there's been a Hamish Macbeth fest going on around here for the last couple of weeks, every program from series 1 to the end (series 3). It's lovely, clever writing, well acted, quirky, plots twisting in unexpected ways. Sometimes you just have to sit and laugh aloud at what you're seeing and hearing. A great ensemble cast (as with SeaChange, a wonderful Australian TV series with a similarly excellent ensemble cast, quirky, clever writing and distinctive location).

I noticed, with amusement, that writer of many episodes Daniel Boyle had a couple of line-or-two bit parts, as "Handsome Sailor" and chuckled at his enterprise and initiative - if you're the writer, and writing yourself in, why not make the part of the sailor "Handsome Sailor"!

Or maybe I'm just a tragic person who reads credits too carefully.

The background is a Buchanan tartan kilt. Modern Buchanan, fairly unmistakable and definitely loud - I've seen it cited as one of the gaudiest tartans. Go to Google images and look for "Ancient Buchanan" to see a less lairy version of the Buchanan colours and sett.

It's hot. Did I mention that? It will almost be a relief to be back at work, where there is intermittent airconditioning.

It's too darn hot. (That could be a good line for a song...oh, it is already. OK).

*because this blog only has intelligent readers


Pennie and David said...

Hey I saw the Handsome Sailor just recently on ABC2, I remember thinking I knew him then when the credits came up and he was cast as the 'Handsome Sailor' I laughed because he was anything but... or is my memory playing tricks? Is he handsome?

Taphophile said...

Ah, the family tartan that my mother refers to as green eggs and tomato sauce. The ancient is much less difficult to wear.

Lynda said...

Hi Ruth - southerly is on its way. Wonder if Daniel Boyle is the same Danny Boyle who directed "Slum Dog Millionaire"?

rooruu said...

@ Pennie: I'm sure Danny Boyle is a fine looking man, but handsome? Hmmm. He also featured as the corpse in the Lochdubh Deluxe episode, rather rouged.

@ Taph: Yes, the ancient is a lot kinder to the eyes, for starters. And who gave Humphrey B. Bear permission to wear Buchanan tartan in his waistcoat, I'd like to know???

@ Lynda: not fast enough. It's still stinking hot here! I checked the Danny/Daniel Boyle, because I was curious too, but no. Slumdog Millionaire Danny Boyle is also responsible for Trainspotting, among other films. Daniel Boyle is a different person: among other things, in hiw own mind a Handsome Sailor!