Saturday, January 31, 2009

Doubt film flyer

0902 Doubt film flyer
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The cinema foyer wasn't brightly lit, so even though I kept my camera as still as possible, this was the best photo I got. And then I thought, it's oddly appropriate to the film's subject matter. I know all four major performances are Oscar nominated, but overall while I'm happy to have seen it, it's not on my Pete-Repeat list. If any of them do win Oscars, I can nod sagely and say, ah yes, I saw that film....

(in an airconditioned cinema.  werry welcome, in this weather!  not the only reason to go, of course, but additionally appealing.)



meggie said...

I too, have seen this. I thought there were strong performances. I am still left with Doubt!

Quiltycat said...

DH and I saw it too! Had a chuckle at a few places (having been educated in the Catholic system)
On the walk home, we had a very animated discussion about the "truth". Am a big fan of Phillip Seymour Hoffman. C