Friday, January 02, 2009

Scrap quilt blocks

0812 scrap quilt blocks
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These are some of the scrap quilt blocks I started just before Christmas. Today was a sewing/quilting day, an audiobook on the iPod dock (Bill Bryson's The Lost Continent,; he has a sharp, sharp, witty way of writing - this is the one where he revisits the US) and off I went.

The two piles of scrap blocks are now two completed quilt tops, and I found enough time to cut out and sew what I suspect is a baby quilt top. Not bad for a day's work. As runs the cliche of quilting, scraps cost the same per metre as the fabric you started with - and on a rough, rough calculation there would have been the equivalent of at least 8 metres of fabric scraps in that scrap box. At $20/metre or more here (if you're an American, you can faint now - that's Australian dollars, but still $12US or more/metre) that's two quilts (including the fun of designing and making them) for the cost of using scraps, rather than spending more money on more fabric.

There are two other quilt ideas I would like to play with soon too (and plenty more on the backburner - more ideas than time to make them). There does seem to be something of a fabric stash in this house (how astonishing) so the 2009 plan is to 'shop' for fabric at home before buying anything new; work with the fabric that's here and waiting to be played with.

Hmmm. We'll see how I go. No rules, just good intentions.

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Isabelle said...

Happy New Year. I do enjoy your blog.