Saturday, January 10, 2009

Road Trip 2: Meg & Mog Patchwork shop

0901 Meg Mog Patchwork shop 01
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Rushworth in Victoria isn't a very large town. A thousand people, according to the welcome-to sign. Maybe in the US you'd think that's plenty to support a quilt shop, but it's a trickier call in Australia, with fewer quilters per capita; and Rushworth's a think-about-it drive from anywhere else.

But there, as we drove through Rushworth, was a sign: quilt shop open. And so we stopped. It was nearly closing time, but a quilt shop is a quilt shop, and a break was welcome too.

It's a charming little shop. 

0901 Meg Mog Patchwork shop 03

The garden's suffering from the same dry weather and lack of rain as much of the country through which we drove, but the pink roses were blooming, and the shady verandah looked like an inviting place to sit.
0901 Meg Mog Patchwork shop 02
A carefully chosen selection of lovely fabric, samples everywhere you looked of quilts and dolls and embroidered pieces and stitcheries, with the patterns and all you needed to make whatever it was you fell in love with.

0901 Meg Mog Patchwork shop 04
Purchases were made. Oops, there goes the 'no fabric buying in 2009' plan. Oh well. I can always get back on the wagon.

0901 Meg Mog Patchwork shop 05

If you're travelling in the area, make sure you stop at this quilt shop.  Meg was lovely too, but said that the duty 'mog' was elsewhere on this particular day.


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