Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A self portrait, with apologies to Shepard Fairey

Well, it's so much fun to play with the Obamicon, particularly today.  With apologies to Shepard Fairey, who created the iconic poster of Barack Obama.
Still, lookee there, it's a portrait of the blogger.  Rare, very rare.
You upload a photo, then can adjust the blues and red and white and if you like upload it to their gallery.  Or, as I did, take a screenshot (Control + Print Screen), paste it into a program and save the image file.  Do leave a comment if you blog one yourself!
Found the link courtesy of Remo, which has more remarkable, quirky merchandise than you'll find anywhere.


Janellybelly said...

That's brilliant Ruth, I'd vote for you!
PS My winning letter is in this months Australian Country Threads - I also paid homage to your 'Recycled Threads' articles.

rooruu said...

Thanks, Janelle! Congratulations on writing the winning letter, too.