Sunday, May 27, 2007

5 blogs that make me think

I've been tagged for this meme (it's Meme Week here at patterning the world!) so here goes:

  1. Omnia, whose photographs are astounding - she has the most wonderful eye and catches simplicity with grace and imagination (this is a photostream, not a blog. I'm breaking the rules already.)
  2. Posie Gets Cozy and Yarnstorm - one in the US, one in the UK, both finding gracenotes in everyday life, creativity and inspiration (two in one, I'm cheating again. Phooey).
  3. Prairie Home Companion podcast - the subtle, witty, knife-accurate but warm observations of humanity in Garrison Keillor's stories are sharp and real and delightful (it's a podcast, not a blog - can't I follow any rules?)
  4. Smart Bitches Trashy Books - quite apart from the entries (no knife untwisted snarkery!) the comments create a place where, despite or perhaps because of the genre and the blog's readers, discussions can range into fascinating sociological analysis. Then again, maybe I just love a weekly snicker at the covers they find. (Hey, this one's a blog!)
  5. Caityquilter - over years I have remained amazed at the breadth and imagination of what Caity catches in her wide-cast net - craft, textiles, books, computery (another blog!)
  6. Library Bytes - how to change the world, one library at a time. Her Library 2.0 program is simple and brilliant. (Three blogs in a row - I'm on a roll! Sad that I can't count to five, but there you go.)

Tagging. Geez Louise, it's so much easier to say, hey, if this floats your boat, then pick it up and run with it. Nail your colours to the mast. (and bing a note in the comments so I can go and read your list).

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