Thursday, May 17, 2007

A doll

0704 doll
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She was at the Royal Easter Show in April, and there was something so very charming about her serene, old-fashioned face and lovingly-made crochet clothes. They don't fool the eye at all, they look like doll clothes somehow, in their proportion (and possibly draughtiness too). But whoever made this, it looks like she (from memory it was a she) had fun with the delicate colours in her choice of yarn to match the delicate colours in the doll's face, the details of the clothes (the hat! the bag!). It's not a craft area I can see myself pursuing right now or even sometime in the future (never say never...) but part of the fun of the Royal Easter Show is to see the range of crafts that people are making, the creativity and imagination and such constructive use of time on display.

This is so sweet!

The two that made me chuckle the most were a Pope Benedict doll, very precisely dressed, and a Victorian fireman in full regalia (including the brass helmet) clasping the Victorian maiden (scandalously clad in her nightie) he had presumably just rescued. He looked bewildered and worried, while she had her eyes closed in serene indifference (unless, tragically, he hadn't been in time - but they were both very clean, for a fire rescue, so maybe the circumstances were indeed scandalous, and best left unexplored).

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