Friday, May 11, 2007

The mighty fallen...

0705 Laura Ashley?
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Laura Ashley was an icon of my design education - bought the fabrics, wore the clothes, read the books, loved the concept..... my first introduction to the painted wonders of Charleston was through one of her fabrics.

...but this scrapbooking embellishment set is blicky, icky and winceable. I'm sure Laura would be horrified.

The outfit beggars belief - I myself personally am never seen without a feather boa thingy when I wear denim (if you believe that, I can sell you a bridge, as the Sydney saying goes). And Strawberry Shortcake's second cousin, Lavender Somethingorother, with out of scale teapot and cups...

Aren't there a zillion designs in the Laura Ashley textile design archives that would make beautiful scrapbook papers? Who on earth thought this was a better idea? Interesting to have read recent company history here. Laura herself died in 1985, and the company has been through some difficult times since then. There's a detailed article here.



maureen said...

I agree. I grew up wearing Laura Ahsley clothing and to this day have some lamps and quilts of hers. Loved them Like you said --How the mighty have fallen

Sussanah said...

maybe Laura's got a mortgage payment due?