Tuesday, May 22, 2007


0705 beautiful in magazines
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The big, beautiful, generous single-ruffled blossoms on the left are just wonderful on that intense blue background. Look at the curve of flower to buds. Aaaah. [English] Country Living has always had wonderful photography, but this photo is just outstanding. White cherry blossom, so graceful.

What I love most on the right, apart of course from the many-drawered cabinet, is the chair's upholstery. Just love the combination of white Louis the Somethingth chair, and the fabric. It's a jute-ish linen-ish vintage fabric that came from Europe, old burlap sacks with the typography of their original use. That's my sort of vintage - imaginative, inspiring, quirky, creative, fun. I'd burgle one of those chairs in a second....

Refs: Country Living (UK) April 2007, Country Home (UK) May 2007.

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