Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Looking up

0705 looking up
Originally uploaded by rooruu.
Sydney in autumn - a tough, tough place to be. Not.

Anytime I've been overseas, particularly returning from a northern hemisphere winter to a southern hemisphere summer, one of the first things you notice as you come back to Sydney, is that the sky is bigger, further away, bluer. In a London winter, the clouds hung so low it seemed as though you could see the orange glow of the streetlights reflected in them. And then you fly into Sydney and a bowl of sunlight with the sky impossibly blue and high, feeling like someone just switched the lights on.


Sooziii said...

I always love looking at your photographs - there is always something in them to get me thinking. Sorry I am a lurker should post comments more often.

Caitlin said...

Another lovely photo!

I remember doing the Jenny Bowker "Applique into Images" workshop and really struggling to find greyed down blues to make English skies - they just look so very different from what we see every day.

Nola said...

I've been looking at that impossible sky too - well, before the clouds came back, I was! Gotta love that Australian sky. The way it goes a different colour to that hot hot summer sky at this time of the year