Saturday, May 12, 2007

Saturday paper

0604 Saturday paper
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A sign of the weekend is the bulk and promise of the Saturday (Sydney Morning) Herald on the driveway - information, inspiration, brainfood, amusement, a window on the world, the promise of time to spend curling up in a sunny corner.

Took this photo about a year ago, but I've not yet blogged it - I've always liked it for the angles and the slant of morning light and for all it conjures. It's not art, it's life. Been reading the Saturday Herald for as long as I can remember.

For today, the to-do list is long long long with workwork and quilting work and volunteer work. Need to attend to that lot first. Ah well. The paper is patient.

It's been stolen from the driveway a few times, but the weirdest one was when the paper, opened, clearly having been read and then folded up fairly neatly, reappeared sometime on Sunday. What the?!


Dy said...

How funny is that, the reappearing paper. Guilty conscience?
Our Saturday West Australian often gets delivered in two separate rolls nowadays, it's enormous!

Isabelle said...

Yes, an interesting picture with the lines and shadows. I do love your photos. You can make anything into art.

If you think London winters are dreary, you should try Edinburgh's sometime. Or maybe not. On the other hand, the sunny winter days are correspondingly precious, and the long summer days, with hardly any night, are fantastic.

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Love this photo!