Monday, May 21, 2007

Posh soap

0705 posh soap
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I don' t know where you might be on the soap scale - toddling among supermarket aisles, where you'll mostly find this household, or swanning among cosmetic specialities?

There's always the gift soap, which either hits the spot or - - um - -doesn't. And the artisan soaps of places like Lush, with their extraordinary piles of unguents and ointments and bath bombs and nopenotsoap - is it just me, or does your nose know faster than approaching a coffee trader or bread bakery that you're approaching Lush?

A friend tells me this soap is lovely stuff, and has bestowed some on this house to try. Not a formal gift, but a sharing of something good, like a recipe or an album or a TV program discovery, or a new blog worth reading.

Or, if you're a quilter, new fabric to sigh over - I'll pay the gift forward by giving you this link - if you like Amy Butler fabric, you'll be sighing over these fer shore an' sartin:


kirsty said...

That IS beautiful soap - triple milled and edibly creamy.
Nearly as luscious as that fabric!

Caitlin O'Connor said...

ooh, tell me more about this soap!
And yes - those new fabrics are definitely swoonworthy. I wonder what I can sell so I can buy some?!

Nola said...

Looks too nice to use! (Oh dear, now I'm channelling my mother!) More info required please.