Thursday, May 24, 2007

Quilt meme

This one's via Nola/Inch by Inch Textiles and Caity. What you've done in bold, what you want to do in italic, the rest plain.
  • nine patch still love 'em
  • log cabin natch.
  • curved piecing by hand (not me - there's always an easier way!)
  • curved piecing by machine
  • hand applique [ needle turned ]
  • hand applique tacked edges
  • hand applique with fusible / blanket stitch
  • reverse applique [ hand or machine ]
  • Afro-American improvisational style quilt Gee's Bend quilts are among my everlasting inspirations.
  • Tivaevae
  • machine applique
  • trapunto
  • whole cloth
  • english paper piecing by hand not fun..not.Machine is good.
  • american piecing by hand
  • american piecing by machine
  • strip or string piecing specially with thrifted fabrics such as op-shop shirts
  • kaleidoscope or mandala [ not stack and whack]
  • stencilled quilt
  • hand quilting under duress, mostly.
  • machine quilting
  • McTavishing
  • quilted commercially with a longarm machine (that's what brilliant machine quilters like Kim Bradley and Suzy Atkins and Nicole Bridges are for)
  • 3D folded flowers
  • made a quilt on commission found it challenging.
  • sold a quilt other than a commission piece
  • taught quilting at any level
  • stack and whack
  • stack and slash
  • Anjii's Angles
  • embellished with embroidery, beads, etc
  • celtic applique / bias work
  • Amish style quilt
  • Cathedral Windows
  • stained glass quilt [ any method ]
  • had an original design published um - several...
  • written a quilt book (I've had patterns in several)
  • scrap quilt quilts! lots! love scrap quilts!
  • baltimore applique
  • sampler quilt
  • japanese design
  • foundation piecing
  • crazy patchwork
  • silk fabrics
  • cotton fabrics
  • woollen fabrics
  • colourwash
  • row by row
  • 1930s or feedsack fabric
  • 1880s reproduction fabric
  • tea cosy
  • item for an animal (under duress...)
  • hand dyed fabric [ yours or someone else's] both
  • round robin
  • quilt-as-you-go
  • non-traditional quilt
  • traditional quilt
  • miniature
  • full sized bed quilt
  • sashiko
  • seminole
  • quillow
  • bag
  • patchwork or quilted clothing
  • pillow
  • christmas themed, [ quilt, wallhanging, stocking, etc ]
  • medallion quilt a favourite form
  • raffle quilt [ all or part ] the bushfire brigade got a new kitchen sink and cupboards!
  • I-spy
  • baby quilt
  • landscape quilt
  • participated in a group challenge several, including a great annual one
  • exhibited a quilt overseas the US and France...
  • made a prize winning quilt

Now, who to tag? Brenda! Lynelle! Kirsty! Sarah & Kathy! And YOU, if you quilt - leave a note in the comments so I can enjoy your version.

As Nola remarked, it's amazing to see how much you've done, when you tick 'em off like this...


Nola said...

It makes a great list, doesn't it? I'm sure we both did seminole for the same reason - that challenge group! I like the little addenda - I didn't think to do that much on my list. The Shack rafflers, the fabric I dyed myself (once was enough, now I buy them from friends who love to dye fabrics!)- it's like a potted history of your quilting experiences.

kirsty said...

Thanks for the tag, R. I've KIND OF done it!! I chose a variation instead ;-)

ps when are you going to give us some more clues about YOU?? Did you see my tag for you? Some creative anonymity shouldn't be hard!!