Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Manicure set

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Doesn't this speak of a different age? Now you see those fake-nail shops, with white-masked workers hunched over their clients' hands and a multitude of designs that can be airbrushed or painted or applied to nails. This beautifully-presented set wouldn't give you the tools for modern styles, but for a vintage glamour. There's something of an occasion or ritual about it, removing each tool for use, replacing it after, the case lined in velvet and silk. Women's tools, functional, beautiful.

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Lindi said...

This brings back memories! My Mother had a case like this when I was a child. Same layout, only red on the outside. When we turned 12 and she felt we could do our own manicure, she tought us how to use it. I loved the buffing powder in the little jar, and the feel of the suede buffer on my nails. I can even remember the old world smell of the case. It spoke of elegance and the mystery of being a grown up woman...