Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Assorted guff

In answer to enquiries, this is the website with the posh soap info (it's wrapped in silk paper, they say - and a three-cake box is a coffret, not a box. And they are manufactured with the traditional cauldron method, which probably isn't the case with less posh soap, although I'm not entirely sure what it means). Roger&Gallet. If you're in Oz, you can find it at David Jones'.

The ones I have to try are Vetyver (a woody piney scent) and Jean Marie Farina (farina, isn't that flour in, um, Italian?) which is a citrus blend. As this blog isn't scratch'n'sniff, you'll just have to imagine. They're like quality essential oil scents, though - not diluted to pallid prettiness, but with take-it-or-leave-it authenticity.

(I don't even want to think about when some geek works out how to make scents and smells emerge from a computer - can you imagine browsing and being bombarded with synthesised scent by this site and that, and needing to download a scent blocker, and all and all? And omigod, imagine what would happen with the people who already inflict plinky music files and those trailing cursor things, butterflies or whatever - don't give them scent capabilities!!!!!. But I remember once thinking 10gigabytes was excessive for a hard drive, and now I could buy, at a reasonable but not tiny cost, a terabyte-sized external drive, so I have larned me not to ass-ume computer things won't come, or might be ridiculous. That's just my limitations coming into play. I was reminiscing today with a colleague who also had an Amstrad 512, with the two disk drives that needed different disks @$7 each, one 256k and one 512k. In 1987, an Amstrad PCW8512 (with 3.5 MHz, 512 KiB RAM, 180 kB 3" A: drive, 720 kB 3" B: drive, dot-matrix printer, green screen, thanks Wikipedia) was HOT STUFF, my friends. Or, at the very least, a reasonably-priced computer option, for word-processing. And better than the Amstrad PCW8256, I'll have you know - that only had one disk drive. A hard drive in either? Ha ha, you're funny!)

Just did the maths there. I've owned a computer, of one kind or another, for twenty years. Gad.

Back to luscious things. If you liked the Joel Dewberry fabrics picture from the posh soap post, here's a link to the full ranges on the Westminster site. Swoon....

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